I’ve had the pleasure and the pain of being loved by many men. You might even be one of them (queue the song You’re So Vain by Carly Simon). One thing they’ve all taught me is this: you must always be true to yourself. Sometimes that means letting go of people you know aren’t right for you. Sometimes that means being vulnerable even if you think that vulnerability won’t be appreciated or reciprocated.

This is me being vulnerable, putting myself out there in the form of prose and turning my pleasure and pain into words that may hopefully touch others…

A driver is in their car at a busy intersection where they’ve come to a full stop. Upon their turn, they progress into the 4-way intersection when a runner comes out of seemingly nowhere and leaps into the crosswalk. The driver is at this point in the middle of the intersection and has come to an immediate stop, thereby preventing other traffic from crossing the intersection. Who in this situation has the right of way? And who in this situation is being rude? The driver? The runner? Have you been in this situation? Likely.

Legally speaking, the driver has the…

Intro: Seeing as how this is my first story, I thought an intro might be in order.

I am a steward of honesty and transparency. Many times it has gotten me in trouble and I expect it will many times more. But there’s something at my core that screams at me to always demonstrate radical candor, defined as “the the ability to Challenge Directly and show you Care Personally at the same time.”

Therefore, each story will always begin with “Truth Be Told” and will unapologetically explore whatever topic is on my mind, from the downward spiral that is the…

Kelly Fuson

Life is short, I am not.

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